Logitech Keyboard

I got this Logitech MX Mechanical Mini keyboard for my birthday. I’m way more excited than I should be to have a dedicated Alfred button.

I’m also excited that this keyboard doesn’t have the lighting button in the top right corner like the Keychron K1 that I have been using. I would always manage to bump that key on the K1 and then have to scroll through 16 lighting patterns to get back to the basic On/Off lighting.


How is the typing experience? I have had my eye on this for a while and keep thinking about it.

I have had the same experience. I’ve considered pulling the cap for that key and dealing with the unfinished look. It would be nice if there was a lighting lock is something.

In any event, it will be interesting to hear how your new keyboard compares.

The keys feel a little more dampened and quieter than the Gateron browns in my K1. The key travel seems similar. It didn’t take much if any adjustment. The MX has feet on the back that fold out to give it some tilt, which I like. Overall, the MX feels a little more premium than the K1.

I like the more compact layout. It fits my desk better. It does mean that you lose the control key on the right side and the shift key is shorter. You also lose a couple of other keys that I never use, so no big deal there.

FYI, on the Keychron keyboards, you can hold the FN + L + Light effect key for 6 seconds (I believe) and it will lock the light effect to the current one using. It doesn’t get you to quickly toggle on/off but it’s way nicer than having to cycle through everything which is a huge pain.

Hope you enjoy the new Logitech keyboard

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Very cool!

And it made me look at the Apple keyboard I’m using and decide I should map F4 (with the little magnifying glass) to Alfred instead of Spotlight.

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Maybe I missed a firmware update or something, but when I locked the mode on my K1 in the basic lighting mode, it would lock it into a specific state in which the light was on all of the time. I would think that the mode would lock, so that I couldn’t change to other modes but still allow me to operate within the selected mode.

You are right. It does lock it into that specific mode. It’s far from perfect but better than having it accidentally switch to a completely different mode. I would definitely prefer different locking/toggling modes or an additional backlight toggle button.

There is a lock, but it doesn’t work the way that I would expect. In the basic lighting mode, it locks it with the light on in a static state. I want it to work the way that mode normally does, but not change to a different mode.

It didn’t take long after getting the MX to start thinking about packing up the K1. I was already a bit irritated with it after the battery died just out of warranty.