Logitech MX Master 3 and Mac OS Mojave compatibility

I recently purchased Logitech MX Master 3. Whilst I am able to pair it via BT to MacBook Pro, I am unable to use the Logi options. Several email exchanges with Logitech has yielded no results and am told today their support is still investigating.
The issue that I am facing is that when I click on Logi options software to customise the mouse, I see a green circle going round and s/w does not work. Has anyone encountered this issue and is there a solution that can be shared

Are you using the new beta version? I had the same issue.
Went back to using the non-beta version was fine.

No, I am using the version available in their website for download. what is the version you have used

Please see below version I have used:

Logitech Options version used: 8.54.147
Computer OS and Build: Mac Big OS Sur 11.5.2

Same version as me - 8.54.147
Other difference is that I use the Logitech dongle as I find it much more reliable that bluetooth.

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Thanks. But the issue is their software is not working. I am able to connect via bluetooth with my Mac…

I recently completely purged and reinstalled all the Logitech Options software because it was glitching out. Using the out of the box uninstaller wasn’t sufficient. I needed to go to the command line and search for all relevant files/folders/settings in the ~/Library/ folder. I’m hesitant to share the commands unless you’re comfortable and you’ve got a good backup system in place. In any case, doing that complete wipe seems to have resolved the instability I was facing.

I carried out the full delete commands provided by Logi Support and inspite of doing that and re-starting the PC, it has not resolved. LOGI OPTIONS s/w starts and a green circle keeps going round.

Can you share the commands they gave you? I’d be happy to compare with what I’ve done.

Additionally, what happens if you use the dongle instead of Bluetooth as @aardy suggested? It could be that the issue isn’t so much with the software but with the bluetooth connection? Not saying you need to use that permanently, just trying to narrow down the problem.

I had the same issue and plugged in the dongle and the software magically worked. Try the dongle as it fixed this exact issue for me. After plugging the dongle in the spinning software stopped and the software opened and has been solid since.