Logitech Options software/MX Master 3 won't let my Mac sleep

Not really looking for an answer or anything here. But I hope maybe by posting I might help somebody else who’s having the same issue and can’t figure out why.

I have an MX Master 3 mouse that I’ve been using happily for months with no issues. A few nights ago when I tried to sleep my MacBook Pro, it kept bouncing back to life, usually within about five or 10 seconds.

I had recently installed Plex Media Server, and I had just the day before started using a Keychron K10 wireless keyboard, so I assumed one of those two was the culprit. But after a few nights of troubleshooting, I narrowed it down to the MX Master 3. If I turned that off before I slept the Mac, the Mac stayed asleep.

I wondered if the Logitech Options software, rather than the hardware, might be the problem, so I uninstalled Logitech Options and restarted the Mac. After that, the Mac stayed asleep, even without turning off the mouse.

Just to be sure, I re-installed Logitech Options and went through the motions again, and I was able to re-create the issue.

So I’ve uninstalled Logitech Options for the time being. I miss the extra functionality, but I’m too obsessive to let that problem keep popping up every night.

What I don’t understand is why it just started happening this week. The Logitech website says the software hasn’t been updated since January. If it had been updated recently, that would make more sense to me.


This is Interesting. What have you lost without using the LG software? I know you can’t have your custom button or scroll settings anymore. Can you still use the USB remote? How fast does the pointer move without the app? Do you get smooth scrolling or anything without the app?

I hate the app, but like you say, I like the features. Fortunately, I haven’t had this issue.

Did you try their new beta software yet to see if it maybe fixed it?

Did you try turning off the option for Logi Flow? That seems like a big culprit for this sort of behavior and you still can maintain most of the functionality of the mouse without it.

I had a similar issue with Logitech Options, and I found out that it occurred only with Bluetooth. If you can use your MX Master 3 via the USB dongle, you may be able to solve the issue.
By the way, I hate Logitech Options.

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Interesting - so this might be why my mac has insomnia too. Will try the trick with powering down the mouse and keyboard (also from Logitech) and see if anything will improve.

I kinda like Logitech Options in that it really makes me able to use all the functions of the mouse, and also map some buttons to key-commands. I find it helpful in that regard.


There is a beta out called Logi Options+

Logitech intro video on YouTube: Introducing Options+: The next-generation Logitech app for mice & keyboards - YouTube

Try that. it definitely works for me. Only limited Logitech devices supported, but the MX series work well

Remember: as much as I hate giving up a port on the Mac a dongle always beats bluetooth!

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Winning move here for me was using one of the USB ports on my USB-C display. So no matter what computer is using the screen, it has the keyboard and mouse available.


I do the same. Love it.

As an alternative, I recreated everything I used Logitech Options for in BetterTouchTool. So far, I’ve managed to achieve everything with BTT, except for smooth scrolling (I now use Mos for that).

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Can’t help with issues with Logo Options, but I’ve been a very happy Steermouse user for years.

It gives many more options for tying functions to button presses; between that and the ability to create chords (i.e. pressing multiple buttons at the same time to do unique functions), I’ve been able to really take full advantage of my MX Master 3 and do some really cool stuff.


I get the same issue with my MX Master mouse, I turn the mouse off at the end of the day.

Very interesting @thickweb - I will check that out - thanks

Mainly it’s the app-specific customizations, I think.

I think that will be a project for this weekend…

I wasn’t using it, so I don’t think that would be it, unless it’s on by default and I never noticed.

Doesn’t this render the “wake on move” useless, unless you have your display to never go to sleep? Won’t it going to sleep cause the usb dongle to stop receiving signals from the MX Master/Keys? Will it “wake up” the display when you move the mouse?

Installing Logi Options+ beta appears to have solved the issue for me. And it grabbed all of the existing settings I had for the previous version, so I didn’t need to go through the process of setting up my app-specific customizations all over again. Thanks.

I have a basic Logitech mouse. I really wanted the right button to work as a double-click. So now I am using this and it serves my needs…


Thank you so much for the solution. I have unistalled the Logi option+, restart the Macbook then install Logi option+ again, then the problem solved. I have found the solution for this issue almost a year. Thanks again!!!


This is such a “big brain” move ! I love it ! Made an account here just to praise the creativity ! wish it had occured to me sooner. Thanks !


Thanks and welcome to MPU talk!