Logos Bible Software on Mac

Does anyone here use Logos Bible Software? I’m wondering about best practices as I have used it for many years and found it incredibly resource hungry. If my Mac crashes almost invariably Logos is running somewhere. There is an iPadOS version, but it is very “lite,” really just a blown-up version of the iPhone app.

I use the Platinum version extensively on both my MBP and iPad Pro. I’ve never experienced the crashes. My last laptop was a MBP 2018. I’m now running a MBP M1. My iPad is a 12.9" Pro 2018. I’m not sure if I can be helpful but I’m willing. :slight_smile:

I have it, and I love it… It is a resource hog when it is indexing your library or downloading updates, but once that is done (and, quite frankly, I find that to be no more of a bother than when spotlight is indexing) it runs smooth as silk, IMHO

That has been my experience as well.

Then it may just be me. I love it, and have committed a lot of $$$ to buying resources. I do not have a package, but run the (currently Logos 9) engine with my own set of purchased resources. I’ve had it since my Windows days (when it was called “Libronix”). i just wish – at least for me – it was more stable.

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Currenly MBPro late-2013 8G running Big Sur 11.3; iPad Pro 2018 512G running iPadOS 14.5.

A few things to consider:

  1. Have you checked Activity Monitor when running Logos?
  2. Do you hard ‹reboot periodically? I recommend a minimum of once a week
  3. Reduce the number of apps loading at start-up, this will reduce RAM needs. I only have 7 plus the Alfred utility:
  • CardHop
  • Safari
  • Craft
  • Mail
  • Fantastical
  • DEVONThink
  • OmniFocus
  1. Strive to keep only a few browser tabs open. I never have more than 5 tabs running at a given time.
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Same experience as well

I’ve used it for years on MacOS, iOS and Windows. It’s not a lite program, but it’s always been well behaved.

I have something like 40+ Gb of data in my library. It uses all the available resources when indexing, but it’s well behaved when doing that and hasn’t crashed in my memory.

The iPadOS version works surprisingly well. Excellent for reading plans, and for working on the go.

It’s a major part of my work. I have Accordance as well, and while it has a different focus, I haven’t noticed any significant performance issues between the two systems.

There’s also a “web app” version that you might try. I’ve done that a few times when working on a computer where I hadn’t set it up yet.

Accordance is a much better app, by far, but Logos has a lot of features that Accordance doesn’t have.

(And I’m not using either app to nearly their full potential.)

Recent versions of Logos also let you limit what you download. If you’ve bought a bunch of packages over the years, you’ve probably got a bunch of stuff you don’t actually use. You might need to uninstall to do this, but try just installing the resources that you know you want, and see if that helps. Drastic step, to be sure.