Long-term compatibility of the iPad Pro Magic Keyboard

I am pretty excited about the upcoming iPad Pro Magic Keyboard.

I rained on my own parade today, though, when I remembered how capricious Apple is about accessory/case compatibility.

The iPad Pro Magic Keyboard will be almost $400 Canadian and will be exclusively useful for two generations of one size of a single device at launch. Who thinks it’ll be a viable option for, say, the 2022 iPad Pro?


The magic eight ball says: compatible for 2022, iffy for 2023, but DOA for 2024 :laughing:

I suppose there’s a website that tracks compatibility drift for Apple products over time, but my own experience in the last two decades is that USB or Bluetooth devices made by Apple stay useful for longer than my desire to buy shiny new things.

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I’m not as optimistic as @anon41602260, I’ve had to toss hundreds of $ of Apple accessories over the years. I consider accessories as part of the cost of the device so I’m not disappointed later.


I know that others have had better luck than what I did, but I would have been happy had my iPad Pro Smart Keyboard lasted 2 years! Count me in the part of the cost of the device camp.


I suppose there’s durability and there’s compatibility. I have one of the small metal magic Bluetooth keyboards that I’ve had since it was introduced – well over 6 years by now, I’m sure – just change the battery every few months and it connect to all my modern devices.

I agree about the Smart Keyboard. Flimsy.

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No-one knows.

The best solution is to keep the iPad for as long as you’d like the new keyboard accessory to last. The current iPads are amazing it’s unlikely that anything will be added to them in the next couple of years which makes an upgrade essential.

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If longevity is the biggest concern, you might consider just getting a magic trackpad. It works beautifully and will likely remain functional for long after the next form-factor change.

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Thanks, folks. I do have other options (e.g., I already own a magic trackpad), but the iPad is not a desk device for me. I look forward to the Magic Keyboard for making my Pro more usable from a couch or armchair.

I’m sure I’ll still get it. I suppose it’s unlikely I’ll want to upgrade my 2018 11" Pro in 2021/2022 anyway (unless Apple announces some major surprise), so that gives it a few years of use.