Looking at the MacBook Outsides

After years of never putting anything on my MacBooks and judging people who did, about 6 years ago I started putting things on my MacBook.

This is my old 2008 MB which I dearly loved. I miss the light up apple:


It’s got stickers or decals from organizations I’m part of (FemTechNet, HASTAC), a photographer friend’s Instagram account (ChicanoSoul), from the publisher of my first post-grad school writing (Never Mind the Hispanics…), the TARDIS, and a calavera from a Día de Los Muertos celebration.

This is my new MB which is adorable and is just starting to accumulate personality:


Something from last year’s Día de Los Muertos celebration and a red Dalek.

How is your MacBook decorated?


Yea! I love seeing everyone’s stickers. I’ve never put stickers on my laptops because, like tattoos, I can never decide between so many good options lol.

A follow-on question: if you don’t put stickers on your laptop or have way more than will fit like me, where do you put them?

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I know, it was hard to start.

The Doctor Who TARDIS and Dalek were my gateway drug. They’re clinging decals so could be easily removed. But once I started down the road…

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For a very long time I had to said no to stickers and then one day I went nuts and covered the machine, there used to be more but a few fell off. Mainly a github one in the bottom corner


When I had my MacBook Pro and MacBook Air:

Went a bit overboard but developers send swag. A lot of it and I loved it all.


Work issued MBA with a bit more restraint. :stuck_out_tongue:


Where did you get that merge conflict sticker? That’s hilarious.

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Aw man stickers! I love stickers but I loved the sleek aluminium cover and couldn’t bear to cover it! Now I’m using a desktop only though… But the back of the Mac remains undecorated - would kinda be a waste to past anything there too, since I hardly look at the back of my mac.

I’ve got some pretty stickers but nowhere to put them, suggestions anyone?

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A website called redbubble is where most of my stickers come from there, and a trip to the Melbourne IBM offices for the two think logos in the corners

Here is the link to the sticker

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I keep my MBP 13” Space Grey completely naked. But I see you guys and your dev stickers… a friend of mine makes something you might like… :wq

(I get no cut, I just know vim users love ‘em)


This quarter’s Field Notes subscription just arrived today and it includes this awesome sticker. Tempting to put it on my MBP! Space and Field Notes? :heart_eyes:



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Three weeks ago I started with stickers on my 2012 MacBook Air, after a visit to the Apple museum in Prague. Inside Electron is my nephew’s rockband.





I just started putting stickers on my MacBook Pro a few months ago and used what I had kicking around. By day I’m a SQL Server DBA (Windows pays my bills) so the stickers are mostly oriented toward that. I redacted one as it’s slightly suggestive (no more so than an episode of Seinfeld though)



The sloths are especially great. :slight_smile:

@FrankV I went to the Apple museum recently, I missed the stickers though, wish I’d picked some up they look great

I am a suit, so no stickers.

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I kept a clean machine the first five years. At seven, the MacBook Air has earned some decoration.

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Just added a few decals to the cover of my 2017 13” MBP. While I work in a professional environment, I still feel these represent who I am while still maintaining a nice balance. Additionally, they are an i-Blason clear matte case - not the machine itself. Slim but yet still protective. image image


Not a lot on mine but good use of the lit up logo (I think)!


And Bayern Munich the football team of choice … :slight_smile: