Looking for 7 Day fitness tracker

I have an Apple watch (v7) and used it to track my fitness on and off in the last two years. More off than on really.

It dawned on me why I don’t like the apple fitness tracker. It tracks daily and I don’t.

My fitness regime works over a week. In fact many health organisations encourage a particular amount of exercise per week.

The trouble is that the apple fitness app doesn’t allow you to set weekly goals. I’ve now turned it off completely as I’m looking for a weekly tracking app. I want to close my rings weekly not daily.

Are there any options for weekly tracking out there?

Have a look at Gentler Streak


Very much this. I love Gentler Streak as it gets me the closest to Garmin body battery in a way I like (Athlytic seemed all over the place for me). Gentler Streak is exactly what I wanted…something to tell me when I was pushing too much but also if I was slacking off. And it incorporates my vital signs into that. Really great app!

Apple have a weird dichotomy with fitness — “being active makes a better you” against “NO REST! WORK HARDER!”

I used the basic Activity rings (and occasional “workouts” for walks) for a few years before I got fed up with the whole ‘game’ and realised I’d learned how my body works. I weigh myself daily and I can easily maintain my weight by that alone, or lose weight if I have the will power. (And no, having coloured rings yell at me does not replace will power, in fact it often weakens it.)

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