Looking for a capable iOS or web developer

I am a licensed physical therapist and a geek and am frustrated that there aren’t any workout apps out there that seem to be able to check all the right boxes for me (believe me, I’ve tried them all). FitBod came close but has a few absolute deal-breakers. I created a functioning program in Google Sheets that includes a curated 200+ exercise database and a custom exercise selection algorithm that does everything I had hoped for in a workout app… but it is miserable to use, especially on a phone, because of the limitations of the platform. I’ve taken it as far as I can and I need help. Hope to find a developer to convert this thing into something that can actually be useful on an iPhone. If anybody is or knows someone capable that would be eager to work on this I would love to hear about it. Thanks all!

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Does it specifically need to be an iPhone? Are you using any low level hardware capabilities? IMO you have better shot if it is a web app.

What do you mean by Qualified? I wasn’t aware that there were qualification to be gained as an IOS Dev.


I took it to mean capable, rather than credentialed.



Thanks all for the replies! @mina good question, I would certainly be open to discussing as a web app, I don’t know enough to argue for one platform over another, as long as its reasonably easy to access and use from a phone because nobody wants to tote a tablet or laptop around the gym with them!

@evanfuchs you are correct, “capable” would have been a better choice of words. Shoot, I’d be happy to work with somebody fresh out of high school if they can put an app together that does what I need it to and is reasonably easy to use. It’s not a very complex app, probably only 7-9 screens (i’ve drawn out rough sketches of all of them but do not intend to detail to that extent here), and it’s major distinguishing feature in the selection algorithm is already fully functional in Sheets and was built almost entirely using just stock functions.

Currently in the midst of a large project right now but it should wrap up in a month or so. Going to set a reminder for this and if nobody else picks it up by then I’d be interested in building a web app.

Not a professionally trained web dev and on the younger side, but here’s my Github and one of my previous projects (still working on the layout on iOS) for reference.

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Eager to get started as soon as possible so I will be inclined to pursue any opportunities that come along in the meantime, but sounds like you’d be a good fit and would be interested to discuss further. Feel free to reach out to me directly at mherrick84@gmail.com whenever you are ready.

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No hard feelings about that. Hopefully you find someone as soon as possible!