Looking for a Conference app

I’m hoping someone can steer me in the right direction … I’m the volunteer website/tech guy for a very small, national non-profit. We typically have 200-300 people attend our annual conference. We’re looking into a conference app for mobile devices where, at a minimum, we could have the schedule, programs, and various maps readily available, as well as send out last-minute reminders & announcements to the attendees. I’ve looked into solutions like CrowdCompass, but the cash outlay needed (especially to realize multi-year discounts) is substantial when compared to our modest needs.

Does anyone have experience with apps or other software (or indeed other approaches) that I should consider?

I may be way off… why not just add a page to the orgs. site?

We have used an SMS system that the attendees sign up for and push messages out through it. You could probably also push links or screenshots.

Do you need event check In? Registration/booking (with discount codes etc)? Ticketing? Venue/tables management?

If your conference is free Attendify doesn’t charge anything, FYI. (If you do it’s either $999 or 2.5%+$1 per ticket sold) Interesting looking package, with conferee apps for Android and iOS.