Looking for a "device frame" utility that frames a video screen recording


Since some time I’m looking for a simple app that allows me to add a device frame to a screen recording (e.g. of an iPhone) on a customizable background.

It would be great if the app would also allow me to reposition the frame and to crop the video to match social media resolutions/aspect ratios, such as the 1080x1920 for Instagram stories or the 1920x1200 of Twitter.

It’s a task that I feel shouldn’t require Premier Pro or Logic Pro and maybe could even be done on the go on iOS.

I’m pretty sure that there are hidden gems that already do this. :smiley:

Thanks a lot in advance

iMovie: edit video as desired, then resize it as picture-in-picture, pasting it in to match background ‘video’ width of device (centered on customizable background.


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Interesting :thinking:I guess, I’ve always ignored iMovie and pegged it as not capable without ever really giving it a try. I’ll give it a shot, thanks!

I use ScreenFlow to do this, and it does it very well. However, you may not have this app so iMovie is a good option as suggested above.

I keep a set of transparent PNG files of different device ‘frames’ in order to add both video and still images for various mock-ups.

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