Looking for a good labelmaker

Hi folks,

I’m looking for a labelmaker with the following specs:
• Portable. Ie, built in rechargable batteries.
• High print quality. Ie, at least 300 dpi (most handheld label makers have 180 dpi, and that looks like crap).
• App for iOS with Bluetooth or WiFi connection.
• Preferably self cutting, both width and length.

In short: I want to pick up my iPhone, open the app, create a label and press print.

So how about the Dymo Mobile Labeler? Yup, I have one of those and that thing is awesome when it works. The problem is that it constantly disconnects from my iPhone. (I’ve had two, and probably five iPhones with that label maker, same problem all the time. Dymo doesn’t know how to create a good Bluetooth device.)

So now I’m looking for something that works! Anyone with personal experience in this field?

+1 Sorry doesn’t answer your question but I have the Dymo Labelwriter Wireless and only use it connected by USB. Never able to connect to wifi when I needed it. Got tired of fooling around with it every time I needed to print a label. I like the quality of labels, though.

Exactly, the quality of the printing is awesome on this thing!
I use labeling alot around the house and at clients, so I need a portable thing.
It’s a shame that Dymo won’t solve this. :rage:

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Perhaps the Brother PTouch Cube XP. Have only tested the mobile app a couple of times using a regular Cube model so not sure if it is finicky.

Aaah! A new variant! I’ve missed that.
I tried the older Cube with only 180 dpi, and it looked like crap. I will definitely try this XP model.
Thanks! :partying_face: