Looking for a iOS note taking app capable of multiple language/script handwriting recognition

As the title says, I am looking for a note taking app on iOS ale to recognize handwriting in multiple scripts. In particular, I am Italian and I started to learn Japanese, so I would like to search through my notes. Typing on macOS is cumbersome, due to the multiple switching of input method within each sentence, but still doable. On the iPad, on the other hand, I can use the Apple Pencil to handwrite my notes, and this is much faster.
So far I tested Apple Notes, Goodnotes, Notability, Nebo, and Notshelf.

  • Apple Notes is partially recognizing handwriting in Italian, no success at all in Japanese.
  • Goodnotes, when setting the handwriting recognition to Japanese, is able to recognize both Kanji and Hiragana, and some Italian words. When set to Italian, all Italian words are found, but Japanese is completely ignored.
  • Notability, when set to Italian, finds all Italian words, but no Japanese words. When set to Japanese, finds all Italian words, but no Japanese words.
  • Nebo behaves similar to Goodnotes, with the added advantage of converting the handwriting to typed text. Still, only some Italian words are recognized.
  • Noteshelf fares a little better than Goodnotes on Italian words when set to Japanese, but still with too much Italian words not recognized.

Can anyone suggest other alternatives?

Take a look at OneNote. It does have drawing feature for the Apple Pencil.

If the background page is “dark”, the highlight feature is hard to see. The normal pencil is good.

I used both Apple notes and Msft OneNote on MBPro and the iOS devices.

In GoodNotes, why not change the language depending on the selection – so select Italian separately from Japanese. It’s more time consuming, of course.