Looking for a phone number to be forwarded - don't want Google Voice

I have an old business line from 5 years ago. For reasons that involve regional telcos and portability, it’s not my current phone number - but I still want it forwarded.

Currently I have it on Ting, tied to an old iPhone 4. The iPhone 4 sits in a drawer, completely off all the time, and Ting is set to forward calls if the iPhone 4 isn’t responding. Which is 100% of the time.

So far so good. I’m basically paying about $10 per month.

Now, the network that iPhone 4 is on is going away. Ting wants me to upgrade my phone so it will work on the new network, and that’s pretty silly to do for a number that literally just forwards.

Is there an inexpensive service that I could move that old number to, pay a trivial monthly amount, and have the calls just auto-forward?

I do not want Google Voice. I’ve tried it in the past, and wasn’t happy with it. I also don’t want “free” services. This is a business line, and the amount of craziness I’ve seen people putting up with “because it’s free” isn’t the goal here.

I just want a plain, dumb, reliable, “this number forwards to this other number” service that’s generally hassle-free.

Can anybody suggest a service, ideally one they’ve used in the past?

How about just having two numbers on one phone?

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That’s a possibility. Although I’d really prefer to not be able to make any outgoing calls from that number, just because of Murphy’s Law. In a couple years I want to get rid of this number. :slight_smile:

You could port to Twilio and set up a call forwarding workflow. I think the ported number would cost $1/mo. For $10 you could probably find some Android phone that would meet Ting’s requirements, though.


That looks like a decent option. Thanks!

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Voip.ms - Have used this for similar purposes.

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+1 for Twilio. At least so far, it’s been a great solution for automation as well (hook anything up to SMS, effectively).