Looking for a Project Management / Task Tracking app

I’m not sure how to categorize the software that I’m looking for, it’s likely that nothing like this even exists for iOS…

I’m looking for an iOS app that provides a way for management to provide customers
with task tracking of small projects, while at the same time allows company team members to update their task lists.

  • Allows team members to update forms/task lists. If a problem exists while working a the customer site, the team member can add those comments.

  • Allows customers to view only some (customizable) of the information that team members see

  • Management can tailor what is/is not visible to the customer.

If something along these lines exists for iOS and/or a web application, please reply
with your suggestions. It doesn’t need to be free.


It’s a subscription web app with a decent iOS app, but Basecamp sounds like a good fit.



Not sure about how it handles your bullets 2 and 3, but I’d take a good look at Asana. Sounds like a good fit based on your description.

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Take a look a monday.com.

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We’ve used Teamwork for a few years now.

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+1 vote to Basecamp.

We’ve gone through Asana, Trello, Quip, Good-day and Teamwork (all had their positives and uses) before settling on Basecamp for the longest time.

Once we primarily became a tech company, all tasks moved to JIRA.