Looking for a TV Tracker

Please share your preferred app for tracking TV Series. At this point, my only requirements are:

  • TRAKT Sync
  • Dark mode

I really like Reelgood. It does Trakt syncing, dark mode by default, but the killer feature is it tells you what streaming service you can watch it on.

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I’m using iShows TV and iShows Movies, they seem to work well for me!




I’m using Television Time.


Second the vote for watch. I use it daily.

It may be too late (this thread got suggested to me just now :slight_smile:), but I enjoy TV Club. I only really use the TV Shows tab. Occasionally I’ll find a show where it pulls the episodes as aired rather than as streamed or scroll position isn’t restored correctly, but other than that, it works great.

Looks good but does not appear to support Trakt. Unless I am missing something

I have been using iShows TV (and Watcht), but am currently enjoying Rippple.

Nice thing of Trakt support is that you can switch between Apps without losing your data/history.

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