Looking for a visual task/project manager app

I am quite perplexed. I am looking for an app to allow me to easily enter and view tasks in a kanban environment by Area/project/task etc. (GTDish). needs to support IOS and Mac OS
I currently use Things 3 and have come to the conclusion that I need something visual to see a birds eye view of my entire life.
I’ve looked at Trello but it’s looks like each area andProject needs a separate board Which makes management seem tedious to me.
Anyone have any ideas? I’m an automation wannabe and have limited tech skills.
Thanks all

Check out https://ticktick.com or https://firetask.com.

Also https://www.notion.so. It does this and a lot more.

Believe https://todoist.com/ is coming out with a Kanban board view.

Wish you the best of luck in your search!

I believe Amazing Marvin can do this as well. Bonus: they have a Things 3 theme, so I think you could have the Kanban and also the same-ish look and feel of what you’re used to.

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Todoist promised and teased a kanban view a year ago, but it’s been pushed back until next year. (And my renewal comes up in three days.)

And they just posted their Black Friday deals, which I just wrote about here.

Asana does this well. It also has a giant chart and a portfolio view.

Thanks everyone- now I’ll have what to do this weekend

Marvin looks really interesting. I don’t like web apps though. Do you use it? How far can the app go with two people working on it- bit risky, no?

I don’t use it myself, but I’m not terribly put off by the couple running it. In some ways, it might have more integrity that way. I don’t hold much hope in any software (giant corporations to “artisanal”) lasting or sunsetting responsibly.

Oh, and I believe they have an OSX-level (non-web app) version.

They even have an iOS app (not iPadOS though). The lack of an iPadOS app is the one thing preventing me from testing it thoroughly. App Sumo still offers a 1y free (https://appsumo.com/amazing-marvin/?ksslg=8smwyc).

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