Looking for an app that adds info to the desktop wallpaper

I want to have some text visible on my desktop wallpaper, even if I do a “Hide all Apps” when in Finder.

Reason: I’m typically doing a task list at the beginnig of my day, with the things I have to do that day. It would be nice to have that info in my computer instead, and not in OmniFocus or some other app, but just as plain text always visible in the background.
I imagine an app reachable from the menu where you can edit the placement and content of it.

Any ideas?

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Perhaps not exactly what you are looking for, take a look at Übersicht.


GeekTool will display Web pages, images, or shell output to the desktop.


I use it to display a project list output from Curio’s status shelf in the upper left corner of my desktop monitor and a random snap shot in the lower left corner.

Übersicht will also display on the desktop.

A level of “programming” is required for this one.


You might also consider creating a perspective in OmniFocus and using the Widgets to display it.


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This is a really good idea, so I’m watching to see what ideas folk come up with!

On my windows PC back in the day I used the sticky note function to track a to-do list. It would remain always on screen below the window you were working in (on the desktop), like a “real life” sticky note stuck to a board. One day we had a network crash and had to boot from a back-up, and I lost all the little notes I’d left for myself because the sticky notes function wasn’t backed up :disappointed: I’ve been wary about using the function since (also IIRC the Mac sticky notes function has an icon on the dock, which annoys me).

Your comment reminds me of my wish:

If we could make the widgets bit stay on screen, we could have our to-do lists permanently visible from our app of choice (if you like seeing your list, of course!).

It’s also available in Setapp.

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This may not make a difference but the Mac Stickies are backed up in iCloud.