Looking for an app that splits pdfs vertically

I have several scanned books (to pdf) that I would like to split vertically.

For now I’ve been using sejda online tools, but I would prefer to have a native macOS app since I’m planning to do it more often.

Anyone knows of an app that does that? (App Store has PDFCutter, but I would prefer to have some feedback before jumping on it.)

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Do you mean that you want to split between pages? Have a look at PDF PEN. Or can Preview (built into the mac) do this already?

After scanning a book one get a pdf full of two pages sheets. I want to:

  1. Split those pages into individual pages (see image above).
  2. Have them automatically organised (I’m aware some programs, as PDF Expert, can crop and export, but to reorganise the even and odd pages is a pain).

Okay, I jumped on PDFCutter (not expensive and I could always return it if it totally failed). So far so good. It does the job well and fast. I’m happy. :slight_smile:

Briss does this for free

That is a hilarious name for an app that “snips” PDFs.


A few images from PDFCutter…

The UI could be better, but it really does the job I want.

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I highly recommend ScanTailor. The software hasn’t been updated since 2013, but it’s free, open source, 64 bit, and does exactly what you’re looking for and way more. (I used it to split and clean up photocopies or scans of books.) When it eventually stops working, I will be incredibly sad, because nothing matches the power of this tool.

You can find pre-built binaries here: Google Code Archive - Long-term storage for Google Code Project Hosting.

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Thank you for this. I had used a Alfred workflow that ran some dark-magic scripts through the free PDF app “Skim”, several years ago, that did something similar. Doubt the workflow still exists.

Just downloaded and tried PDFCutter, and works a charm.
I still have plenty of PDFs inside DT3, digitised from old photocopies of various book chapters/articles collected over the years, that this will prove very useful for.

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Another happy Briss user here. It always works and does the job quickly and without problems