Looking for an iOS plain text editor

I’m looking for a plain text editor for an iPad. Everything I’ve come across seems to be targeted at writing markdown files with a .md file extension. I need to edit other file “types” — .Rmd, .sql, .r and, of course, .txt. A code editor would be ideal, but I don’t know any for iOS.

Suggestions gratefully received.

I’d suggest taking a look at Textastic


I suggest you take a look at Textastic, pretty powerful IMO.


It’s not updated often but I often use Kodex for this which is free and was recently recommended by Viticci (I think on AppStories?)

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I use iA writer on phone, iPad and Mac. Saves as .txt. … I imagine it can edit anything (that is text based). Not sure if it insists on using .txt when re-saving a document though. I’d hate for you to be stuck with “document.r.txt” or something.

Koder is also free.

Another vote for Textastic. Excellent syntax highlighting, built-in terminal, well-done integration with Files. Only downside is that it’s not scriptable, but I’ve been surprised to find myself not missing that… much.

Oh, and TextExpander integration, too.


I’ll second (or third (or fourth)) Textastic. It’s become my iPad coding editor of choice.

Imagine if we had JavaScript as a scripting language to modify file contents like drafts. I’ve sent the developer a feature request for that a while ago.

I definitely recommend Textastic too, it’s a great editor for plain text.

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It looks pretty unanimous! Textastic it is, downloading on my wonky broadband as I type. Thanks everyone.

BBEdit is fantastic, I use it every day.

If BBEdit ever managed to port itself to iOS I’d buy it. What do you recommend for iOS?

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I use iA Writer every day to edit text files on iOS.