Looking for an iOS Taskpaper editor that has an "uncheck all" feature and Cloud sync?

As a followup to the excellent discussion I shared with many of you about dealing with task management as someone with the challenge of unmedicated ADD, I have migrated back into the beloved Omnifocus with two new changes:

  • Every day, I manually write the top 3 things I need to focus on that day on an index card and set it in front of my monitor. This has done wonders for absolving the overall feeling Omnifocus has a tendency of giving me of being too far in the weeds and not seeing the big picture. I continue to work directly from Omnifocus, but the index card tells me where in Omnifocus I should be putting that attention.
  • I am trying to move all of my daily checklists out of Omnifocus. This is where I am looking for very specific advice on a solution. I literally have checklists for every repeatable routine in my life…probably hundreds of them. I don’t use them all the time, but when I am having a particularly low dopamine day, it’s actually super helpful to have a step-by-step list for things as simple as making the bed. I used to feel very bad about this, but after my diagnosis last year, I’ve felt a lot better about all the silly-to-“normal”-people support structures that get me through the day.

My idea for the routines is that I should find an iOS app that reads Taskpaper format and syncs with the Cloud (so I can edit these routines on the Desktop), but also has the same kind of repeatable nature of Omnifocus projects…so that I can both “reset” a completed checklist as well as one which has been started but not finished.

I have been researching on the App store and downloaded and tried a bunch of apps, but haven’t found anything like this yet.

Has anyone here come across an app with these features?

There’s an app called OmniFocus which does this well. :wink:

Seriously it’s how I setup certain projects by running them from Drafts. OmniOutliner may work also.

This could also be done with Drafts, no?

Drafts plays nice with TaskPaper format (and OmniFocus, as has been noted), and should fit your requirements for something external to OmniFocus that would allow for easily refreshable checklists and can sync with your desktop– you could either use Drafts on the Mac, or pull together an action that allows you to edit files in iCloud if you want to work with TaskPaper files via a different editor on the desktop side of things…

What about using drafts template feature?

Add your task lists as templates and duplicate/start them when needed f.e. from shortcuts.

That would give you more or less ephemeral task lists that do not clutter your task management apps, and are extremely flexible

Oh wow. I use and love Drafts and knew that it can read Taskpaper, but didn’t realize it had a reset feature? Awesome! I will look into this.