Looking for AntiVirus Software

Hi All,

My cyber insurance policy is requiring I install anti-virus software on my company’s macs. I think this is kinds of dumb for a lot of reasons but before I respond to the insurancy company I’d like to know what, if any, AV software you use/recommend. Thanks in advance for any thoughts.

My work recently upgraded the VPN solution to Cisco AnyConnect and now allow personal devices to connect, providing they comply with security policies, one of which is AV. I installed the free version of Avast and it works well, updates several times a day and non-intrusive.

For corporate devices, it all depends on whether you want centralised management or not.


How do you know it’s “working well”? Because it is finding and removing a lot of viruses? If not, what makes you think that? Just curious.

I don’t get viruses :wink:

For me, working well implies a product that doesn’t affect performance of the machine in a noticeable way when performing scanning functions as well as its ability to detect and clean viruses and malware. I chose Avast as I used to use it back in the Windows 7 and 8.1 days before Windows Defender became a decent enough solution.

Thanks. Honestly I am mostly looking for something that’s unobtrusive and doesn’t get in peoples way. I’ll check out Avast.

I have to install antivirus software on my Mac per my company’s BYOD policy. Any thoughts on Bit Defender vs Avast or any other Mac AV?

That is dumb. You are more likely to get a virus or malware with a third party antivirus installed.

Mac user for 20 years. Have never had a ‘virus’

A Mac can be infected quite easily. Bitdefender is probably the best antivirus for Mac.

Microsoft Defender, renamed from Windows Defender, will be available for Mac as an Antivirus. I would trust the new Microsoft as a Mac provider these days with their excellent Office 365 and One Note. And I would complement with Malwarebytes software.

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