Looking for app to supplement photos in iOS

I’m interested in purchasing an app that will help me organize and LABEL my photos. I’m not so much worried about duplicates. I like Apple’s native iOS app but I want to be able to search for particular photos, especially if I’m willing to put in the time labeling them and even taking notes. Any ideas?

Photos for Mac lets you add titles…never tried it but that may be all you need.

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You can add keywords on the Mac (and there are lots of add-ons to help with keywording) but not iOS, as far as I know. And you’re talking iOS only, yes?

Apple lets you create albums, and aside from that uses it AI learning to categorize images with thousands of categories and keywords (& you can combine search terms like Christmas, Food, and 2017). But I do not believe that in iOS you can manually enter keywords.

I don’t believe Google Photos lets you manually add your own keywords either, at least I never found a way to do it.

Lightroom Mobile allows you to add keywords if you move your photos to their cloud, but Adobe charge $120/yr for 1Tb storage.


I use Hashphotos. So much functionality and all for $4.00. I am currently putting photos into folders on my phone. As I have 8000+ photos, this can get confusing. I put the tag “FILED” on the ones I have sorted. I have the setting under Additional Info checked at “tag” right now and that shows the tags right on the thumbnails so I can tell at a glance which photos I still need to sort. In addition, this setting includes Dimension, Album Title, File Size etc. Screencastsonline has a video. I can’t love this app enough!!

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That looks like a neat app. However it seems that tagging data added to images does not sync back to Apple Photos keywords, so it won’t embed in your photos and won’t be accessible when looking at or searching for photos on the Mac or in iCloud. It does have a manual ‘sync’ that preserves tagging but that’s only between iOS devices you own running Hashphotos.

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Thanks, Maripat! I did buy it and I like it a LOT!

I agree. I’m looking at Hashphotos as a sorting app on iOS so that i have an easier time transferring to the mac where I can then use A Better Finder Rename to change the file names. This will make searching easier for me. Admittedly it is a cumbersome process.