Looking for Auto Tracking Camera Solution

Oddly enough the Facebook portal seems to be the cheapest auto tracking camera (That’s not for home or surveillance) but due to ethical and security concerns the FB device is not an option.

The ideal is for a lecturer to be able to walk around and present w/o being out of the screen.

I found one solution albeit a bit pricey so wondering if anyone else has recommendations

Cool but indeed very expensive.
Would love to have something like that as a outdoor security camera with a laser pointer attached to it :crazy_face:

I realize the following product does not fulfill the key “auto” part of your request, but perhaps someone has cobbled something together to achieve what you are after.


This product may fulfill your needs, with the exception it is no longer being manufactured:


Thank you i think the wyze product could work and now I may need to go back and re-visit some of those home cameras i didn’t think they could work for live stream but only surveillance

I backed a Pivo on Kickstarter which claims to do this. We’ll see when it gets here!