Looking for classroom projector recommendations

This is a little off topic from Mac hardware, but y’all are smart people, so hopefully someone will have a suggestion.

A teacher I know is looking for classroom projector recommendations. They’re looking for a reasonably bright projector with at least 4000 lm and at least 1280×800 display. It should be compatible with different computers, including Apple and Chromebooks, and have the ability to output to speakers. Their maximum budget is around $2000 per projector, but of course schools are always budget conscious, so cheaper is better.

I tried googling this, and I can understand why she’s asking: there were not a ton of things on, say, B&H Photo - but Epson alone apparently has many, many models.

I’m in Australia and I’ve noticed schools are replacing data projectors with large touch screen panels.

I think these are the ones I’ve seen in classrooms. They run Android—so you can browse the web and run apps directly on the device. It can also read files from a USB drive (e.g. videos) as well as having HDMI inputs. I don’t know if it’s compatible with AirPlay.