Looking for content filtering for home wifi

I want to install a content filtering solution for my home wifi. Block adult websites and other garbage sites. I don’t even my kids to accidentally access any of that.

Any solutions? I have looked into opendns but my internet provider Rogers (in Canada) is not compatible as I cannot edit the DNS entries.

Any solutions would be appreciated.

Even if Rogers requires you to use their router and blocks changing the DNS you can still add another router that you can configure or setup the DNA entries on each device.

You can also install a Pi-Hole as a local DNS server and configure it. It will block a lot of ads as well as unwelcome sites.

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Eero Plus, or whatever they call it now, can do some of that. For even more granular control, I bought a Circle, which does a good job of locking down my daughter’s devices.

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NextDNS is a good service if you don’t have an eero mesh system at home.

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I second NextDNS. I set it up for my sister and her kids, and she loves it. You can even set it up to block certain websites outside defined “recreation hours”.

Thank you all for your suggestions.

I have been playing around with Adguard Home, but for those that know the difference what makes NextDNS better?