Looking for email clients that support always replying from aliases when using *@domain.com

I’m looking for email client recommendations that play nicely with catch-all addresses, so *@mydomain.com

When I receive an email to foobar123@mydomain.com and I hit reply, I want that the sender automatically gets set to foobar123@mydomain.com. Currently no email client can do that.

Apple Mail can do aliases, but only if I add all aliases ahead of time. So if the alias exists inside accounts, it can automatically select it but that’s about it

Currently I’m using the Fastmail web interface for replying to stuff, but it would be much nicer if there was something that can handle any alias

Anything out there?

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MailMate does this with a setting in the account called “Address Pattern”.

When replying to a message, MailMate automatically tries to use the email address for which the original message was sent. This does not require the address to be explicitly declared in the settings, but it does require an “Address Pattern” as described below.

Just reporting one client that does not work: Airmail. Just tested it!

That’s for me one of the reasons I use the Fastmail web interface, so interested in what comes up here!

Worth mentioning:

Some email systems will do this automatically if you use their web interface. Have you checked to see if Fastmail offers this feature?

Looks like Thunderbird will do this, and involves adding identities from which you will receive email to you account setup in Thunderbird.

Mozilla Thunderbird is my main email client on macOS, so I can attest to that. It works really well. :+1:

I encourage you to give it another chance.

In another year or so, it’s going to look like this. :wink:


not sure this counts, I am using Fmail Mac wrapper , I have numerous masked email addresses. I believe that by default fastmail will reply to any email using the “to:” address. However, to send email without a reply using the masked email address, I have to set up some as Sending Identities.

These settings are from fastmail web interface or you can change this from any Mac app for Fastmail , I think

I also use Fastmate as my desktop wrapper of choice. It’s great and my default for composing new messages, but I’m longing for something more native :innocent:

Something that doesn’t require adding identities first (like Apple Mail), but is fully comfortable with wildcard addresses

I slapped together an AppleScript that adds a new identity to Apple Mail when I hit CMD-R (through KM) but it’s a bit ghetto and doesn’t work reliably. I looked into the Mail extension API as well but it’s very limited and doesn’t allow these kind of deep interactions. Would need to be a pretty hacky solution to bake this into Apple Mail directly, though not impossible I think

+1 for mailmate, it’s the most standards compliant fully featured mail app available on Mac, not the prettiest but I will take power over looks anytime.

reviving this ‘old’ discussion. @ryanjamurphy , do you have to add the alias into Airmail beforehand? I have hundreds of masked email in Fastmail , so adding them prior is not practical. I tried to reply to an email sent to one of masked email addresses but Airmail default to one of my alias email address that I entered into Airmail. Is there a setting that I have missed or Airmail only works with email aliases not masked email addresses?

I think you missed the “not” in my comment! Indeed, you need to add aliases manually to accounts in Airmail, so it won’t work dynamically as desired in this thread.

ooops, missed out the most important word !! I need that coffee, sorry to bug you unnecessary on this

Seems only web app of Fastmail will work , and may be Mailmate

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I am reviving this discussion on mailmate as this time I am seriouisly consider to buy the license.

there is one thing that I have not been able to do, ie,.
reply to any email sent from masked email from Fastmail. I sought support from the developer but it seemed to me that I have to set up sending identities first before I can reply. I have hundreds of masked email set up on Fastmail so it is not that practical to do for all. Unless I set up sending identity every time I want to reply using Mailmate. From memory, I did not have to do that if I go to Fastmail web app and reply from there

Just want to confirm that my understanding is correct for fastmail’s masked email sending identity for Mailmate

any advice would be great

If the developer has stated differently then I think he should re-word that documentation. I don’t use the address pattern that I mentioned. I just assumed it would work that way as that’s how it seemed described to me. Sorry. :confused: