Looking for good iPad Pro 12.9" friendly backpack

I do a good bit of national and international travel (just returned from Fance and Spain). I’ve decided that I need a good backpack to carry onboard. Not too big, not too small: just large enough for my 12.9" iPad pro., Anker battery, a few snacks, Bose headphones, and Men’s travel toiletry bag. Any suggestions?

I absolutely love my WaterField Staad. @MacSparky was using his stout model in canvas at WWDC and it worked great for him, the slim model is perfect for me with the larger sleeve (13" devices") and the smaller sleeve in front of that.

I bought a Burton (an outdoor/skate sports brand) backpack about a decade ago. I had thought at the time that I’d live to regret it, given how many specialized tech bags have popped up over the years. To my surprise the bag has accommodated every gadget I’ve ever thought to take with me anywhere, often in pouches or sections that seemed presciently designed for new product categories (e.g., the tablet was barely a thing when I first bought it).

What’s more, even though I’ve used it almost every day for the past decade (including tonnes of event/conference travel), and despite being made of an outer shell of light grey fabric, it still looks new. It’s also proved to be rainproof. And it has a lifetime warranty.

Unfortunately the particular bag I have isn’t listed on the site, but I’m sure others are similarly useful and rugged.

The real point is: before I bought this bag I had tried many more—I even attempted to get one custom-made off of Etsy (which never showed). So, be careful to consider brands and products beyond those trumpeted as tech-specialized. You might be surprised!

Waterfield products are amazing. Highly highly recommended (if you can swing the price).

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I have been using the Saddleback Thin Front Pocket Backpack for a few months and love it. My 12.9 iPad Pro fits in the pocket inside perfectly. Not the cheapest but the quality is top notch. Mine is in Tobacco.

Thanks everyone for the great tips! Much appreciated.

@RosemaryOrchard do you know if the iPad Pro 12.9" will fit in the sleeve that you purchased for the bag?

It will fit in the larger sleeve on the back of the bag no problem :slight_smile:

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