Looking for help choosing between: Endless Paper vs. Concepts

I’m curious to know if any of you can help with an opinion or better still a comparison between Endless Paper vs. Concepts

Where would your money go and why?

Super interested in your views if you have any.

What are the products? I.e. what do they do?

I have and use Concepts. It’s a tight, sophisticated app that (for me) is excellent for drawing, sketching, and handwritten sketchnote-type note taking. It’s main drawback was that it did not provide synchronization of files between devices, but that is in the works with the latest beta.

I don’t know Endless Paper, but it looks like a small subset of Concept’s feature set.



What. Where is this Concepts beta?!

Edit: answered my own question: Beta Signup • Concepts App • Infinite, Flexible Sketching

(Second all of quorm’s thoughts, @Marcus. I haven’t tried Endless Paper, but Concepts is phenomenal except for the lack of syncing! You get more out of it the more you use it. Some features require tuning and practice, for instance, such as tap-and-hold-to-select-objects mechanism.)


Thanks for that. I already have Concepts but saw a preview of Endless Paper and thought it looked simple and easy.

One of the things about Concepts that I was struggling with is it’s complexity to be honest. I tend to use Notability for note taking but I like the idea of using Concepts for drawings and ideas.

Thanks for your input. Useful.


I really got into Concepts when I set aside some time to customize a set of tools in the toolbar radial, then practiced switching between them. If you’re not drawing/illustrating, I think it helps to think about the tools as a sort of “grammar” for what you’re sketching. Keep the options constrained and purposeful and it’ll simplify the UX without loss of function.

You also might want to consider looking up some tutorials on sketchnoting with digital apps. I don’t have any to recommend offhand but watched some a number of years ago. The ideas they taught me in terms of how to use the tools available have applied to every illustration app I’ve found.

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Concepts has a good YouTube channel, with short, helpful videos. I did one of the “learn to draw” videos every few days for a couple weeks, which was a good start on using the app.

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Looks good, doesn’t it?

Just to muddy the waters a bit, I have found Microsoft’s Whiteboard does a similar job for me, and works seamlessly with the other Microsoft 365 apps…

Big fan of Concepts especially simplicity of tool wheel, ability to import pictures & annotate, etc. Using it mostly for ideas and brainstorming. I can’t draw for sh*t :unamused:. As others have mentioned, synching is not there (yet, working on it). Be good to hear your comparison if you do explore Endless Paper.

+1 for Concepts. Even more so if Sync is coming. Clean, minimal and fun to use once you get the hang of it.

Additionally, I’m a big fan of www.miro.com which works great on iPad and macOS. Concepts is of course way more powerful if you’re interested in sketching and drawing, while miro shines on the collaboration and sharing side of things.

While I do use both tools, Miro is definitely used more in my case. I’m not fond of subscriptions either but the consulting plan they offer does really enhance the usefulness, imo.