Looking for hotkey for "Open in Chrome"

I’m using G-suite at work, so using Chrome can be helpful for that.

On the other hand I want to use Safari as my primary web browser. How can I set up a hot key or a toolbar button to open whatever page I’m looking at in Chrome? I know I can choose develop: open page with: Google Chrome…

I have a Keyboard Maestro macro set up to do this.

Same here for (though for Firefox)
KM is your friend here.

I use a Safari extension form the Mac App Store called Open Other Browsers 1.2, from Groosoft:

Another vote for Keyboard Maestro. I have numerous keyboard shortcuts for websites that I visit frequently and, while Safari is my primary browser, some of these shortcuts are configured to open in Chrome.

You can also use PopClip to open a link in Chrome by installing the Open in Chrome extension.

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