Looking for iOS Remote-like app but for laptop

In my home setup, I have an always-on Mini as my main desktop. It has my enormous iTunes library and is hardwired to a very nice speaker system.

Oftentimes I’m sitting way from the desktop and can use my phone or iPad to use the Remote app to control my music. But, sometimes I’m working on my laptop on the couch and my phone and iPad are not within reach. I’d really like to find a way to control my desktop iTunes from my laptop but am not finding an easy solution. Wondering if anyone here has a similar set up for which they have a solution.

I did find an app called iTunes Remote Control by Softonic (https://itunes-remote-control.en.softonic.com/mac) but, I always like to get a second opinion before going with non-AppStore apps. Also, there the unknown factor of how iTunes will work when it’s reborn with Catalina.


I guess a VNC / Screens-type solution could be feasible, but probably overkill for simple media management controls like pause, start, skip, volume…

Seems like a good use-case for Alfred Remote (assuming that you use Alfred on your Mac)

Alfred Remote: “The ultimate iOS command centre for Alfred. Your iPhone or iPad now becomes a perfect day-long companion to your Mac.”

If Keyboard Maestro had a good iOS app, I’d be recommending that, but Alfred is probably the one I would go with if I was in the market for something like this.

If I’m not mistaken you can do this with Home Sharing. I had it set up a few years ago - and will again in a few weeks…

I do have Alfred! I did not know about Alfred Remote. Thanks, I’ll check it out.

Home sharing allows me to play my desktop library on my laptop. It does not let me control the audio coming from the desktop.

Oh, just checked it out. Alfred Remote is an iOS app. I’m not sure how this would make me be able to control my desktop iTunes from Alfred on my laptop.

The main idea was that I didn’t have to rely on my mobile devices, in which case I’d just use the Remote app.

Yeah I realized just now that I am driving AirPlay speakers so I just switch which device is sending the audio. I have a prior generation Apple TV set up as a headless AirPlay receiver - that might be an easy option to replace your hard wiring & let you play from anywhere.

ARGH. Sorry. My bad… major failure of reading comprehension skills there.

However, this actually makes things a little easier in that if you’re working on your local network, you can control Keyboard Maestro via Public Web Triggers.

Basically Keyboard Maestro can “listen” for macros on your local network, and execute pre-set macros.

See this forum post for more details.

Actually (sorry taking me a while to remember how I had everything setup in the past…) I think your best solution will be to install AirFoil on your always-on Mini. That will let you use it as an AirPlay receiver to your existing wiring, so you can play itunes on the laptop with Family Sharing & everything else you might want. Plus AirPlay isn’t going away with Catalina so you won’t need to worry about updating remote software to work with Music instead of itunes.