Looking for iPad audio editor

So my beloved 2013 MacBook Pro died.

I’m looking into transitioning to a iPad pro with keyboard, however there is one Mac app that I use a lot and I’d want there to be an ios equivalent before I drop on this.

I have a continuing project of editing digital recordings (AIFF) of my vinyl LP record collection. All I need to to is to chop the files in to song tracks and occasionally remove bad ticks. For this I use Rogue Amoeba’s Fission. Fission also allows me to add meta tags to the tracks before exporting to either mp3 or AAC. Also, the size of the AIFF files tend to be between 400-500MB.

So my question for you folks: Is there an iPad app that can do the above editing?

Thanks MPU folks!

I don’t do a great deal with sound editing at the moment, but I’ve heard good things about Ferrite


+1 for ferrite especially with apple pencil for precision and brusfri (a separate app) for noise reduction


Yup, I think Ferrite is your one and only option unless you want to try GarageBand, which you probably don’t.

Add me here on +1 on Ferrite. I love editing on the app with the Apple Pencil. Agree with Brusfri as it can easily help you clean up on those ticks and scratch sound from your vinyl collection.

I’m using Ferrite - for editing podcasts. I’m told it’s not so good for music. I say this in the hope that someone will confirm or counter that.

Ferrite isn’t a music-oriented Digital Audio Workstation. If you’re recording multitracked music the apps you really want to look at are Cubasis and Auria Pro. Both cost $50 plus have IAPs. They have different strengths on iPad, and there are roughly one quintillion hits when you Google Cubasis vs Auria

And if you’re dealing with moving around a lot of music files you probably want to look into AudioShare, which is like an Internet-connected Finder for iOS music files.

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Thanks for the suggestions. I looked briefly at Cubasis and Auria and they are a bit like a luxury ocean liner when all I want to do is row across the lake. Ha. I’ll look back at them and see if I can do stripped down simple edits without all the fuss of features I won’t even need.

I did hear back from someone at Ferrite who, replied like a real person(always nice to see from developers) Gave me a good run through of their app and what it could do for what I wanted. The app is made for podcasts, as mentioned above, and what I want to do is kinda un-podcasty so while it is possible it wouldn’t be as simple as with Fission. Still my best candidate so far.

I think you might be surprised at how capable GarageBand is on the iPad.

Anyone who has facility with it but outgrows it would probably feel at home in Cubasis, which has some nice hooks with the cross-platform Cubase app for Mac/Windows.