Looking for Mac OS for MacBook Pro 13 Early 2011

I’ve got a MacBook Pro 13, Early 2011
It had a bad HD in it, so I’ve put in a new Samsung SSD in it. I’m anticipating it will be a joy, once all is working well.

I did a network recovery and got 10.7.5 on it.

Now I seem stuck. EveryMac tells me it can take 10.13 - High Sierra, but getting from 10.7 to High Sierra is giving me a super hard time.

I downloaded what I thought was a full install for 10.13.2, but it turned out to be a 10.13 updater.

Can somebody direct me to where I can download a full 10.13 installer on the Apple website - it seems super weird how difficult this is being.

Thanks in advance.

Mac App Store (USA link):


You can also bypass the MAS procedure (small installer that downloads the OS during installation - useful when putting the OS on USB stick for example) and get the whole OSinstaller as a download:

The second option seems to be working.
Wish me luck. I’ll report back tomorrow with how it all went.

Thanks Bowline.

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If you hold down option+command+R at startup up once you get into the network recovery it should restore the latest version of OSX/MacOS that you device will support. If you use just command+R it should restore back to the version if the OS that your device shipped with. This is what I found when restoring a 2018 Mac Mini recently. Command+R would install Mojave and command+option+R would install Catalina. I am assuming these keyboard options work the same on all Macs that can recover from 10.7 onwards.

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