Looking for macOS Compatible Flooring Software

For a while, I’ve been searching for flooring software that’ll actually be compatible with my 2019 15” MacBook Pro.

I currently use On Center Software on my Windows PC, but it doesn’t appear to be compatible with Mac.

Recently, I found something called Stack (which is compatible with Mac), but a representative told me that it isn’t meant to be used for flooring and doesn’t have everything I need.

That’s why I’ve come here. Where could I find a piece of flooring software that’s compatible with Mac?

If you can’t find any helpful macOS software you could always get Parallels Desktop to run Windows in a virtual machine on your new MacBook Pro. Parallels has a coherence mode where you can have a Windows program on your dock and it open like a Mac app on your desktop and it hides all of the rest of Windows from you. It is a pretty slick solution. I still run Windows Quicken that way on my iMac.

Is it expensive?

Is there a way to lock that Windows program so I’m not tempted to just end up using the Windows virtual machine for everything? Essentially, could I lock coherence mode so it can only work with a specific program (and could I also lock myself from exiting coherence mode)?

Parallels is $80. If you aren’t in a hurry it is often offered in some Mac App bundle deals where you can pick it up for less.

Coherence mode is nice because Windows is totally hidden but I don’t know of a way to restrict access to just one app. I guess you uninstall things from Windows so they are not available.

I found this on eBay. What do you think?

Considering that I’ll be using it for business purposes, should I go with the more expensive version meant for businesses? Will the regular version do me just fine (assuming it has coherence mode)?

Take a look here for the things that the Pro edition can do. I think they still let you upgrade versions just by paying the difference, so there’s not much risk in trying the standard version to see if it gives you what you need.

For free tools, you could try Virtual Box. It doesn’t have anywhere near as nice integration with the OS, but the price is right for a lot of people.

It’s a good thing that there’s a free trial.

Seems like a good price. The regular version should be fine for your needs.

Thanks! I’m off to try Parallels Desktop. I’ll report back if I end up enjoying the trial or not.

Okay, so I purchased the home license (which I thought was a one time purchase), but it seems like a $79.99 one year subscription that’ll renew itself every year.

I’m confused. Am I missing something @rlamarch?

In the past, they have sold it both ways. This is what is on their website right now:

It looks like the subscription is $79 and the one time purchase is $99. If you want to switch, I’d drop them an email explaining that and I imagine they will let you convert for the difference.

Time will tell with the transition to Apple Silicon (i.e., ARM Macs) as to the future on Windows being able to run on that platform, so I don’t see the value in a subscription right now.

Ah, okay. That is the part that confused me. Oops!

I’ll make sure to email Parallels. Thanks for your help! Where can I email them? What’s their email?

Yeah, I strongly agree with you.

Here is a link to their support page

Much obliged @rlamarch!