Looking for macOS Mojave installer

I am looking for a macOS Mojave installer. I need to create a virtual volume to use some 32bit apps for some data transfer. The link on Apple’s site takes me to the App Store and my Mac won’t let me download from there. is there another way to get an .iso file?

installinstallmacos.py is a Python script which needs to be run from the command line in Terminal. It is the easiest way to download older versions of macOS.

I highly recommend keeping older versions around if you think you might ever need them, because Apple only keeps making it more and more difficult to download them.

installinstallmacos.py downloads directly from Apple’s servers, using Apple’s own update servers, and is maintained by people who do large-scale Apple I.T. for a living, so it is completely trustworthy, IMO.

You can learn more about it here:

If you need help running a command line program in Terminal, here are some tips:

  1. Download installinstallmacos.py from this link - you may want to right-click on that link and choose ‘Save As’ or ‘Download Link’ or similar. I will assume that installinstallmacos.py is saved to your ~/Downloads/ folder, but you may want to move it elsewhere once it is done.

  2. Once it has been downloaded, you will need to make it “executable” (chmod 755) and then run it. You can accomplish this by pasting the following commands in Terminal. (Again, if you have saved the file somewhere other than ~/Downloads, adjust this accordingly):

     cd ~/Downloads/
     chmod 755 installinstallmacos.py
     sudo installinstallmacos.py

Note: The sudo command will prompt you to enter your login password for your Mac. It will not appear on the screen as you type, for security purposes.

After sudo installinstallmacos.py it will begin its work.

You will see several lines that start with Downloading https://swdist.apple.com/content/downloads/…

Once it compiles all of the information, it will present you with a list of available downloads. On my Mac, it looked like this:

 #      ProductID    Version    Build   Post Date  Title
 1      001-15219    10.15.5  19F2200  2020-06-15  macOS Catalina
 2      001-68446    10.15.7    19H15  2020-11-11  macOS Catalina
 3      001-04366    10.15.4  19E2269  2020-05-04  macOS Catalina
 4      071-08935     11.2.2    20D80  2021-03-01  macOS Big Sur
 5      061-86291    10.15.3  19D2064  2020-03-23  macOS Catalina
 6      041-91758    10.13.6    17G66  2019-10-19  macOS High Sierra
 7      041-88800    10.14.4  18E2034  2019-10-23  macOS Mojave
 8      071-14766     11.2.3    20D91  2021-03-08  macOS Big Sur
 9      061-26589    10.14.6   18G103  2019-10-14  macOS Mojave
10      071-05432     11.2.1    20D75  2021-02-15  macOS Big Sur
11      001-51042    10.15.7     19H2  2020-09-24  macOS Catalina
12      001-36735    10.15.6  19G2006  2020-08-06  macOS Catalina
13      001-57224    10.15.7     19H4  2020-10-27  macOS Catalina
14      041-90855    10.13.5   17F66a  2019-10-23  macOS High Sierra
15      061-26578    10.14.5  18F2059  2019-10-14  macOS Mojave
16      001-36801    10.15.6  19G2021  2020-08-12  macOS Catalina

Choose a product to download (1-16):

For Mojave, you would want to enter 9 and press Enter, but note that it probably not be #9 when it appears on your computer! So be sure to choose whichever one shows ‘macOS Mojave’ and has the version number 10.14.6. (Notice that lines #7 and #15 are also Mojave, but they are for earlier versions, which you probably do not want.)

Downloading it will take awhile, but just let it run. When it is finished, you should have a .dmg in your ~/Downloads/ folder, or whatever folder the installinstallmacos.py script is in.

I’ve run into problems with trying to install saved versions of MacOS where it says the copy is invalid (or similar). Guessing that my version has an old certificate.

That could be. I believe there were a bunch of certificates that expired last October. I use the script above to re-download newer versions.