Looking for Music player alternatives 2020

I have a fairly large and idiosyncratic collection of music recordings and I’m getting a bit leery about using Music as my main player/management app.
Searching around I see that there is IINA, Elmedia, Pine Player, etc.
Anyone here use Music alternative apps? What can you tell me?

My needs are simple: a player, able to easily edit meta data including album artwork. Integration with an IOS app would be a bonus but not essential.

My story: Lately with Music I’ve noticed frequent “album splitting” which I guess is a thing. CDs that I’ve burned to my library are suddenly appearing as two albums with a few random tracks appearing in a second album. I’ve gone back and repaired these incidents, but the invasive nature is kind of freaking me out. I don’t like the “big brother” aspect of Apple looking at my music library and deciding what it thinks is right. I do not subscribe to Music or Match (as far as I know—which is another creepy topic.) so this is the main reason I’m looking to move away from the Music.app.

Curious what others think about this topic?

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Interested to see what comes up here. iTunes once was a the gateway into Apple now its a painful experience…

I use Plex

On another thread I said Roon is useful for indexing and other stuff.

Subscription or an expensive lifetime option. Free trial available…

I’ve given up trying to fit all my music into one app.
I use iTunes just for my own downloaded music which I organise on my laptop but certainly iTunes can get in the way of what I want to do with my own music.
I use Virtual DJ as I can stream Deezer tracks (for private home DJing). So I’ve moved to Deezer for my streaming and this is where I do most of my research … unless it’s not available there … then I use Bandcamp and that’s what I use to buy music as the artist gets more money especially on Bandcamp Fridays.
Deezer has more audio settings than iTunes. Not so good on other things.
I keep a Spotify free subscription as most of my friends are on Spotify and it’s good for sharing playlists. Wouldn’t use it for listening as I hate ads interrupting my listening.

+1 for Plex here.

It’s easy to manage

I went on the very same quest recently, but in the end reluctantly accepted the disappointing reality that Music.app is still the best option for me.

I really miss using foobar2000 on Windows.


I’m still using iTunes in Mojave so I’ve yet to use Catalina’s Music app. I’m thinking of detaching my large music collection from iTunes/Music when I upgrade to Big Sur (mainly because I haven’t connected my music to Apple Music, and won’t to prevent metadata rewriting), so I’ve been thinking about this question as well.

Years ago I tried Clementine (Mac/Windows/Linux) and liked it, but it apparently hasn’t been updated since 2016. It may still be good but I’d prefer to use an app that continues to be supported.

I own Vox and it’s okay but I prefer an iTunes-style, multi-column player to Vox’s small window.

I’m intrigued bt Musique (free) and Swinsian ($25), neither of which I’ve used.



Note: Musique is on the MAS but people complain about sluggishness.

I miss the days of lightweight, configurable music players. WinAMP then foobar2000 were my favourites before streaming became a thing.

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