Looking for Photos speedy workflow solution

Hoping some of you Photos power users can help me out here.

On a regular basis, I have to make crops on 10-20 images from photos taken from my phone and consequently in my iCloud. (I have paid level iCloud photos storage.)

When I go to crop these, typically on my MacBook Air (sometimes on my iPad), I have to wait for each photo to download a lag time of 10-20 seconds–depending on the wifi speed. I know it doesn’t sound like much time but it adds up if I’m editing many photos.

I’m wondering if there is a way to select, say 20 photos and download them to the local machine for editing in Photos? I know I could just download the files and use another editor, but I actually prefer the Photos cropping interface if I’m just cropping.

I’ve tried to search around for ideas, but no luck. Maybe it’s just not a thing Photos can do?

Do you have Download Originals to this Mac selected in the iCloud tab of the Photos preferences?

Good question. I do not have that turned on since my photos library is very large and there’s not disc space for even half of it on my laptop.

I would try making sure you have the right setting selected. Instead of keeping your photos in the cloud, you can keep them on your device. Mine are available in a matter of seconds. I just want to have my photos right there.

I heard from David’s podcast that you do not have to have them downloaded on every device. For example I have an older iPad mini and an older ipod. On those devices I keep the photos in the cloud as there is not much space available on those devices.

Similarly, and AppleCare denies it, my hunch is that you want the best copies downloaded on to your Apple :green_apple: device in the event you want to print something. I just don’t trust them on that. I work hard on getting the best shots I can.

One last thing, one of the biggest memory hogs are the podcasts. Delete the old ones or bookmark them and you may be able to free up all sorts of space.

I might not have been specific enough in my question.
I only need to work on new batches of about 100 photos a week, and I only need to crop them. I know that I can right-click and choose “edit-with…” but I’m too in love with the Photos cropping interface.

Maybe I should be looking for a photo editor app with a similar cropping tool? That would cut this gordian knot.

If you can do without that Photos cropping tool, you should be able to crop those images very quickly just using Preview. It’s always been by go-to for quick, simple operations, rather than firing up the heavy machinery.

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How about Shortcuts? It should let you select images, then run a crop on them. Or a batch-editing app like Darkroom.