Looking for podcast app magic

… has brought me back to Apple.

Frustratingly, I’ve found that

  • Overcast does not sync progress with the watch frequently
  • Pocketcasts does not play reliably on the Watch
  • Castro does not sync between iPad and iPhone

So, I’m giving Apple’s app another try out.

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When you say Castro doesn’t sync between iPad and iPhone, are you referring to the progress in an episode or the status of your inbox and queue?

I only use it on iPhone, so I hadn’t run into this.

It doesn’t sync anything, oddly. I should contact the developer, I suppose, in case it is user error.

Castro’s iPhone app on macOS doesn’t sync either, only restore form the same backup as the phone made. I only listen on phone and watch so it’s not an issue for me, personally, but it is a significant deficiency.

The dev got back to me (nice and quickly!) saying that they are planning to support sync in a future update. I’m hoping it’s a fairly soon update.



Glad there was an official announcement and that they’re working on it. I really like Castro for podcasts.


I went with Outcast for the Apple Watch after having trouble syncing podcasts. It can be clunky selecting podcasts to download (draw letters on the screen) but has worked out great for me. $0.99 well spent in my opinion.
Outcast App