Looking for Questions: MPU Q&A Time!

We are going to record a Q&A for Relay FM members early next week. Fire away in the thread below!

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Which purchase do you regret the most
Which purchase have you had the longest which you’d struggle to try and replace


What would someone have to give you to switch the an Android phone and (if desired) tablet for 1 full year. You can of course switch back after the year is up. Ground rules

  • Cannot use an iOS device at all, even as a secondary device.
  • Cannot use an iPadOS device, even as a secondary device.
  • HomePods, AppleTVs, Macs and AppleWatches are still allowed (and even encouraged for the stories) but not mandatory.
  • You can use iOS apps that work on Apple Silicon Macs

Bonus question: would the challenge be more or less enticing to you if instead of an Android phone, you would switch to a dumb phone (e.g flip phone)

Name your price!!!

What are your digital and your non-digital junk drawers?

Favorite and least favorite types of salads? (Salads are the junk drawers of food.)

Have either of you started using a new search engine in the last few years?

What would you like to see implemented in apple products regarding LLMs?

How’s @macsparky’s electric car, now that he’s had it for a bit of time?