Looking for recommendations on cases for iPad Pro 11"

Having just bought the 11" iPad Pro, I’d appreciate thoughts & recommendations on cases. (I’ve seen several posts on keyboards but not much discussion of cases.)

I previously used Twelve South’s BookBook for the first generation 9.7" iPad Pro but this doesn’t fit the new model.

In particular, what do people think of the new Smart Folio case ? I can’t help thinking its very expensive for what you get.

I love the smart folio, expensive but worth it to use going iPad only.

That said I think it’s created a big divide, others dislike the keys and lack of back light.

Guess it depends if you want a keyboard attached?

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For a basic everyday protective case I can recommend this $6.95 Khomo case. In years past I bought two variants, one for an iPad 3 and one for an iPad Mini.

If you want something really well made that is an adjustable magnetic stand and has a pencil pocket, take a look at this $59.99 Zugu case:

If you have a Magic Keyboard already you could use that with the iPad Pro, perhaps with this $13-$16 keyboard case/stand:

Federico Viticci at MacStories spoke highly about it on a recent Appstories podcast episode, and he wrote about it here as well:

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I’ve used inexpensive Moko cases and been satisfied with thier performance. Currently, my Zugu on my 10.5 provides protection and adjustability, well satisfied. But it seems to me that when I put my pencil in the elastic sleeve it discharges quicker. That should not be a problem with the 11” version.


I have the MoKo Smart Folio Case for my new 12.9" iPad Pro and am extremely happy with it. No doubt the case for the 11" is equally good. Did NOT see any value in the dramatically overpriced Apple Folio in comparison.


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I absolutely love everything I’ve ever bought from SFBags aka WaterField Designs:

Their stuff isn’t cheap, but it lasts forever. The bag I bought for my 2015 MacBook looks brand-new and it gets used every single day. There isn’t even a loose thread or stitch out of place.

I’m awaiting a 12.9” iPad Pro (delivery tomorrow!!) and wouldn’t be surprised if I end up with a WaterField Designs bag for it in 2019.

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Thank you all for your suggestions. I’m not planning on getting a keyboard at the moment so just looking for a protective case.

The Waterfield Dash Sleeve looks really nice but is above my budget, especially taking into account international shipping & taxes.

I’m leaning towards either the Moko or this case by ESR: