Looking for software to help me manage my business

Hi there!

I am looking for an app that can help me do the following things:

  • Keep records of my clients
  • keep records of my suppliers
  • keep pdfs of things my suppliers send me
  • Has a function to import and export tables of inventory as csv

The only one that comes to mind is maybe notion.


It depends on the size of your business. For a small business (less than a 100 employees), you might consider Daylite. It is a Mac only app (with Mac, iPad, iPhone options).They have a 14-day trial and a limited totally free option (the link to the free trial page is - https://support.marketcircle.com/hc/en-us/articles/360036138134-Can-I-Use-Daylite-Cloud-Free-?_ga=2.225908122.1852949160.1656795597-1137021494.1656795597.

It does have the option to attach files to both client and supplier records. There are many other alternatives out there that may suit your needs better.

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Walling is another option that you might want to look into.


Monday.com might be good for this

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Depending on where your Business is located, the size and the kind of business, there could be more specific apps available.

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aside from the cost issue - you might look at this - maybe even just get 1 client app w/o server unless you need it.

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