Looking for some old-school software that reverses two adjacent letter

I’m setting up my umpty-ump Mac and as I’m customizing it, I find myself yearning for the functionality of an old piece of software that I used many years ago and probably didn’t make the jump to OS X. I can’t recall the name of the software, but it did a simple thing: as you were typing, if you were aware that you had reversed two letters - typed “lettesr” instead of “letters,” for example, you would hit this short command and it would simply reverse the order of the last two letters you had typed. For those of us who are faster than they are accurate, it was a little miracle. Anyone know of any current software that does this? (bonus if it’s on SetApp) If you’ve been around a while and can remind me of what the original software was called, I’d appreciate that too. Thanks.

Not sure of the original but keyboard maestro should be able to do this fairly easily.

I certainly have it set up for my common one ‘teh’ and ‘adn’ - creating a generic one should be fine too.

Emacs with the command C-t?


You can still get it for OSX:

All of the native macOS text editing views have support for some of the EMACS motion keys. This includes Control+t for transposing two letters. Put the cursor between the letters you want and type Control+t.

See https://jblevins.org/log/kbd for a full rundown on the available shortcuts. The best part about this is you get this automatically in OS X/macOS for free, if the developer didn’t re-implement a custom text editing engine and without these shortcuts. Unfortunately these generally don’t work in iOS :frowning:



Exchange Characters

This command swaps two characters according to the following rules:

  • If there is no selection and the insertion point is not at the beginning or end of a line or of the document, this command transposes the two characters on either side of the insertion point.
  • If the insertion point is at the beginning of a line or document, this command transposes the two characters following the insertion point.
  • If the insertion point is at the end of a line or document, this command transposes the two characters before the insertion point.
  • If there is a selection, this command transposes the characters at either end of the selection.If you hold down the Option key as you choose this command, Exchange Characters becomes Exchange Words. Exchange Words behaves like Exchange Characters except that it acts on entire words rather than individual characters.
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