Looking for Tana Invites

I am revamping my PKM and looking at the different alternatives, Tana looks like a strong option for me, and I would like to test it.
Just wondering anyone has a Tana invite and can spare it? I would appreciate that.

Thanks in advance…

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Been on the waitlist for a month…
Also open to invites :pray:

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Good luck to both of us.

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my waiting period is approaching the 7th week :smiling_face_with_tear:

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I am in the same boat…

I tried contacting some of the PKM folks who were evangelising for the tool but they all told me they had run out of invites. In spite of this, I have seen them advertise their Tana course mentioning that participants would get an invitation.

It’s understandable that makers may want to keep an early product under wraps when it isn’t ready, but that gets frustrating when others get in while you wait. When it comes to hardware, I understand its manufacturing limitations, but less so when it comes to software, where it seems more like a marketing stunt rather than a progressive roll-out.

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Exactly. Perceived scarcity. “If it’s “sold out” it must be good”, and “we’ve committed (signed up) and can’t have it.”
The same with people hawking online courses that are just pre-recorded videos that could be started at any time. (Although there may be concerns of being able to provide support.)

I had this exact problem with Kosmik, which advertised on MacStories and then didn’t let me sign up when I clicked on the ad. I waitlisted for two months, finally got in, realized I should just use Muse instead, and deleted it the same day.

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This is often what happens to me after months of waiting for something. Maybe a weakness of pairing perceived scarcity with a subscription model.


Same problem with waitlists, preorders and anything that has a waiting period between the decision to start using or purchasing that item and the time you get access to it.

For the record, I started to use Reflect today. And looks to be very nice option as PKM. It’s still around Calendar, Notes and Todo. So I am not seeing it as a stand-alone PKM, but will fill a huge gap for me.

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Sometimes I think they’re hoping that the “exclusivity” makes you actually give it a shot, when otherwise it would be a very quick “um, no, that’s not for me.” I downloaded the Arc browser for example, after being on a wait list for quite awhile, and I didn’t even get an hour in before ditching it.

That didn’t have a price tag at that point, obviously, but stuff with a price tag absolutely uses artificial scarcity, FOMO, “locked in introductory pricing”, etc. to get people to buy.

The thing I’ve found with a lot of those courses is that the videos are almost functionally worthless in retrospect. In many cases, the creators know this - so they won’t launch unless they can run support for a cohort.

But by the same token, when they’re selling the course they act like the videos are all you’d really need.

“What if I can’t attend the online sessions?”
“Don’t worry! You’ll have access to the recordings. Sign up here.”

Again, never mind that the majority of the value of many online sessions is that you can be there live and ask questions. Recordings of somebody else’s questions aren’t so great.

It’s a fascinating shell game.

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