Looking for the right kind of iPhone 15 Pro USB-C "fast data" cable


I’m looking for the right kind of iPhone 15 Pro USB-C “fast data” cable. It seems a basic charging cable is slower. Can someone tell me the specs for the FAST data usb-c cable?

You’re looking for USB 3.1 or 3.2, 10GBPS or better. (It might say “USB 3” which is fine if the right transfer speed is listed.) Any cable that works will say 10GBPS or a higher number somewhere in the description.

Best Buy’s generic 10GBPS cable

Anker’s 10GBPS cable

Apple’s TB4 cable (overkill because it allows 40GBPS but the iPhone doesn’t support this)


I’m using that Anker cable and I can confirm that it’s indeed much faster than the default Apple cable.


Just what I was looking for, too.

Can one of these cables be used to direct-connect a new iPhone 15 Pro to a Mac or to a 1 Gbps ethernet adapter? My thought here is to speed up data transfer and setup of a new iPhone from either a Mac backup or iCloud backup of an older iPhone.

I think this was mentioned briefly in a recent episode of Accidental Tech Podcast, but I didn’t catch the details.

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I’m not sure about that Ethernet adapter, but you can definitely connect an iPhone 15 (Pro) to a Mac.

That’s what I did to make a backup (which I did with both the Apple and the Anker cable) and install the iOS 17.0.3 IPSW (which I did only once, but compared to previous experiences).

I’m not sure it helps with your use case, because I think whichever method you chose, the new iPhone will have to download all Apps from the App Store (the executables are not included in any backup, only data).

In fact, I lost some Apps that are installed on my old iPhone, but are no longer available in the App Store.


Thanks for the suggestions. before I saw your post I ordered:


I hope it works as well as your suggestions.

looks like anker power - * USB Power Delivery: Charges any current or future USB-C device at max speed. Utilizes E-marker chip to safely deliver up to 100W (5A) of power.

Amazon Basics says - Supports fast charging up to 60W (20V/3A)

Can I ask what is ideal for iPhone 15 power - 60W or 100W? Is it possible to charge “too fast” and hurt the battery or will iPhone auto correct and charge as fast as is best for it?



Yes, iPhone won’t accept more power than its maximum charge rate, which I think is officially 20W and unofficially 27W. No safety issue with a beefier cable.

You’re also limited by whatever you plug the cable into on the other end. So, if you plug your phone into a cable connected to your laptop’s huge charging brick, you might get 27W fast charging, and if you plug into a small USB wall charger, you’ll get 5-20W, depending on the size/rating of that.

60W vs. 100W will be a factor if you might use the cable to charge a laptop; otherwise, I wouldn’t worry about it.


I’d even go for 60W in preference over a 100W cable unless you’ve got a MBP as it should be a more flexible cable.



I got this cable. It works but is bulky and not flexible. Can anyone recomend one that they like and is flexible?


Several seem to like what cornchip recommended: Is that one somewhat flexible?

Thanks Dave

I think I read somewhere that the more speed a data cable can provide, the less flexible it is (has to be).

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That is good to know. How would you classify the cable you have - is it stiff or somewhat flexible?

Also my Apple Store said there is NO Apple cable like this for sale.

My cable has the same model number as the one in your Amazon link…

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hi rob,

I bought the Amazon Basics (very stiff) but also listed the ANKER - that you bought I think. I do not have the ANKER - can you tell me if your ANKER is stiff or relatively flexible?

Also - can anyone recommend a non-stiff flexible usb 3.1 gen 2 cable?

I looked at the photo of the Basics cable and I think all of the 10GBPS cables are in that same ballpark of flexibility, unfortunately. I hope I’m unaware of an option. If you have a pocket in your bag that can hold a deck of cards, you should be able to coil a 3ft cable without damaging it (it’ll try to uncoil and bulge against the sides of the pocket.)

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Thanks for the update cornchip.

Ah, I misunderstood that.

My Anker cable is thicker and less flexible than the default Apple cable, but I’m not sure what you consider “very stiff” and how this cable compares to that.

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yes of course hard to compare the 2 - but thanks for the update.