Looking for Thunderbolt 3 hub for M1 MacBook Pro 14"


I am looking for a Thuinderbolt 3 hub for a MacBook Pro 14". I only want to connect one cable to the Mac and to the Hub, I want to connecf

  • Two Time Machine drives (USBC) (one for me, one for my wife. Workstuff for both of us, so it ie separate)
  • An Apple Thunderbolt display (via an adaptor, also Thunderbolt or USBC - I actually do nopt know)
  • A charging cable for lightning (Mouse, Keyboard, …) (USB A)
  • An hdmi to have the possiblility to replace the monitor when needed
  • USB A port for microphone (can also be USB C as I have an adapter)
  • and spare [ports for whatever I might need

Any recommendations? OWC? Anker? Others?


I bought the CalDigit Essentials Hub and am very happy with it. It’s TB 4- not 3.
I have all that you described connected to it

Also have the Essentials Hub and am happy with it (only complaint is the same as Marco A, size of power brick)

Ups - do they have Thunderbolt 4 by now? Must have misses that. To confusing…

Yup - I was also thinking about that ATP episode, but did not remember which one they were talking about. There was another one (I think mentioned in a follow up) which was similar, but no large power brick?

Do you mean the CalDigit Elements hub? Essential, I can only find Lenovo?

Sorry, Elements.

CalDigit Thunderbolt 4 Element Hub -

there’s the hyper one with a GaN charger but that doesn’t have USB A
HyperDrive Thunderbolt 4 Power Hub – HyperShop.com

Thanks for the clarification - these names get mixed up in the brain.

True. Found it. I think the CalDigit fit’s better my needs.

+1 for the Caldigit Element Hub

OK - ordered one. Let’s see if it works as promised - I beeter hope for that price.

Hubs are cheaper than docks. Wouldn’t a hub be a good, cheaper, option? It won’t have Ethernet, but I can just use an Ethernet to USB C dongle.

Is there any other drawbacks compared to a dock?

OK - my CalDigit Thunderbolt 4 Element Hub arrived today. I connected so far a Time Machine drive, an Apple Thunderbolt Display via an adapter (even the ethernet works!) and power supply to the MacBook Pro and it works nicely so far. This evening, we will try it with the older Intel MacBook Pro 13.