Looking for time tracking alternatives to Tyme, besides Toggl/Timery

I am looking for a replacement for Tyme 2. I used to use it for tracking how I personally spend my time. Long requested features, such as Shortcuts integration were held back from v2 and are now only available with the released new Tyme 3 behind a hefty subscription pricing pay-wall.

For work I am either forced to be using the billing system that is required by my employer and for my freelance work I already have a proven system in place. So I would have to account this expense ($36/year) under my personal software budget for which i can’t justify the cost. If the Tyme devs would offer a one-time purchase and keep the subscription for the added team features I would be fine with it.

I looked at Timery for Toggl, but I would prefer an app that provides a macOS native app. This even has higher priority than an iPadOS or watchOS app, which would be nice to have, but are not essential. Tyme places a “record” button in the menubar of macOS, which is admittedly really convenient. That Timery is just bolted onto what Toggl offers, makes the app also far from independent.
Furthermore I personally would prefer that the data stays on my device or within the iCloud/CloudKit eco system.

Any recommendations are welcome :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot in advance.

Rates are $3.50/month per user, and there’s a one-month free trial.


Does this fit your bill? :slight_smile:


Thank you. I tried it before and actually had purchased it a few years ago.
It captures a lot, actually too much for my taste and it requires too much maintenance for the data to be really valuable.

I am more so looking for a simple timer with some simple statistics.

Thank you. I had it installed since two months, but the app’s design (colors … so many colors, font sizes, icons, redundancy of information) makes it actually harder to use as it should be. Feature-wise it is a great app (except the missing menubar start/stop button), but it feels visually cluttered and cramped.

This might be unimportant to some, but the icon is so out of line amongst all other app icons that I actually didn’t want to put it on my main Homescreen. Hiding it on the second or third page made me constantly forget about the app.
The icon of version 1 was actually really good, I can’t relate to the change: https://twitter.com/timelogger_app/status/1260668331008438277

Again, thank you! Your post actually was a reminder that I wanted to contact the dev with some constructive feedback weeks ago and I just did :ok_hand:

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Thanks for the recommendation. I’ve been on a similar quest for some time, mainly for iPad. Last time I checked the app it didn’t support Split View, but now it does. It looks pretty great with a cheap one-time price.

I found the icon meh too. I asked the dev for the old one on Twitter and he agreed to add it back.

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You can always roll your own.

I did with Drafts. Read more here.

Plain text csv data gives you the flexibility to roll your own reports with Numbers or Excel (or even or Charty and Shortcuts on iOS).

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I’ve been using Timing which is included in Setapp. I just got a new iphone and coming off of a work break. Going to test out Timemator (also included in Setapp) concurrently and see if I’ll stay or switch.
…Anyone have any thoughts on Timemator?

I tried it briefly on ipad. It looks like a good app but the pitch black interface hurts my eyes. Wish there’s a light mode.