Looking for training resources for iPhone and Mac video production

I’m looking for some good resources that will get me up to speed on creating professional-ish video using the iPhone for shooting and a Mac for post production.

Book, online course, whatever. Doesn’t have to be free.

I know I can spend the rest of my life poking around YouTube for this kind of thing. What I’d like to know is if you’ve been down this road and have any resources you used that you found particularly helpful.

Background: I handle communications for a department in an academic medical center. The university’s marcom department has a video team, but they work on bigger, more polished productions and don’t have the capacity to be able to produce the kind of short, quicker-turnaround pieces I’d like to be able to create with/for our faculty (e.g., for use on social media or for training med students and residents, patient instructions, etc.).

Eventually I want to be able to give faculty some basic training in shooting their own simple footage that I would then edit into finished, branded pieces. But right now what I really need is some practical training for myself (best practices and equipment needs) so that I can walk into a doctor’s office, exam room, or lab space and shoot the best quality and most useful video I can get.

I know that video is useless without good storytelling skills. I have that part down. Now I need to master the technical skills to back it up.

I’m grateful for any suggestions you have.

Try looking at Techsmith Academy. If you’re looking for an editor, I recommend their Camtasia Studio product. If you’re attached to a university, you qualify for an academic discount as well.

You might check with your university’s teaching and learning and/or learning technology units. They might have already have done this work.

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You didn’t mention the editing software you will use. If DaVinci Resolve:

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I’m hoping whatever training I get will address the pros and cons of the various editing options. But thanks for the recommendation. I’ll keep it n mind.

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I’m in the same boat.Thanks for posting this, @tonycraine

I will probably go with Camtasia. It also seems I can get government pricing here in Australia (as I work in a govt department) and Camtasia keeps cropping up as a go to solution.

Thanks @wweber I didn’t know about the video courses.

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Big fan of the TakeControlBooks.com site for learning resources that are Apple based.

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Me too. I looked there first. They don’t appear to have gotten into this topic in the detail I need.

Apple training books were produced by www.peachpitpress.com if that helps?

Their website seems to be having issues right now.

I forgot to mention, the Camtasia Tutorials are pretty good too.

I should have thought of LinkedIn Learning first. Creating Online Video with iPhone is pretty much exactly what I was looking for.

Thanks, everyone, for your suggestions.

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