Looking for VPN router

I’m looking for a good router with VPN capabilities, that’s easy to manage and should work with macOS built in VPN solution. WiFi is separate so I don’t need any WiFi capabilities.
10 persons will use this network so it’s not a very demanding task.

It was a couple of years since I worked with this, and at that time I used WatchGuard Firebox. They are still around, but probably overkill for this situation.

Easy to manage, easy to setup, good for Gigabit network, those are the needs.

Any suggestions?

I don’t have any router suggestions but for VPN (which can be used with any router) Firewalla is good. I built a VPN myself from a Raspberry Pi using piVPN. It was pretty simple and works great. I stuck it on my existing eero wireless mesh router and can now access my home network from anywhere.


Have you looked at pfSense?

You can buy an appliance from Netgate
Netgate Appliances
Roll your own x86 box with the open source version
Community Edition

In either case various “packages” may be installed with Open VPN,
Tali Scale, Wire Guard, and an AWS version as the easy VPN choices.

Thanks for all the input. It ended upp with a Unifi Dream Machine. With all the latest firmware updates it supports Wireguard, OpenVPN and also L2TP.

It seems to be a nasty little device!

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Yes, it will be fun. I use a Unifi Security Gateway which does VPN serving. Sadly it has become unobtainium basically since COVID struck.