Looking to Pass on my Roam Research Believer (5 year prepaid) account

Hey MPU Team,

About a year ago, I purchased the Roam Research “Believer” account which was an up-front 5 year prepaid cost which I am no longer using. I contacted them about getting a refund or transferring my remaining time to someone else, but they weren’t really keen on helping me do either

There is around 4 paid up years left, and I would love to be able to pass it on to someone who is a current Roam monthly user (or new user). I have exported all of my data and deleted all of my graphs and so the account is ready to pass off.

The only thing I have not figure out is how to change the email address on the account. That is the last piece of data linked to me.

I am not looking to recoup my investment. I just want someone to use what I paid for. Anyways, If you are interested, please contact me privately.

We have had enough Roam discussions on here, which I don’t want to continue. Just wanted to bless a fellow MPU listener.



What have you switched to Bodie?

I went from DEVONthink → Bear → Obsidian → Notion → and finally settled with NotePlan.

By the way, I think Roam has a way to change emails now.

Hey Sri!

Good to see you on here. Glad you are liking NotePlan. I am loving Obsidian. It has so much of what I loved about Roam, but SO much more. The plugin ecosystem has really made it the ideal PKM for me. What are you liking about NotePlan?

It does indeed. A relevant case for a finally!

The main reason was the price. I already have 2-seats subscription to Setapp and NotePlan is included in that.

I didn’t want to pay $10/m or whatever it was separately for Obsidian mobile. I now see that they made it free.

Anyway I prefer the focus on daily notes in NotePlan. I shared some thoughts on this and other software I use in a blog post here: My Favorite Mac Apps – Sridhar Katakam's Blog.

Hey all!

The account has been claimed. Thanks for the interest.



@sridhar I didn’t know you had another, non-WordPress blog! I will check it out.

I miss the incredible WordPress community, but I have been on Webflow for over a year, and it is mind-blowing what that platform can do! Have you tried it?

Anyways, hope you are well, my friend. I always love hearing what you are interested in and up to so I will keep an eye on your blog.


I also have a Roam Believer account that I’m happy to pass on to someone who’s going to make use of it. Please DM me.

I’d prefer to give it to someone who’s going to use Roam for academic research, not just for tinkering and personal notes.

@bodiequirk If there’s anyone who contacted you, please feel free to forward them to me.

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Yes, tried Webflow. Then searched for a WordPress equivalent, found Oxygen and am now a fan of it. It is inspired by Webflow. Best of both worlds! I switched from Genesis to Oxygen. See https://wpdevdesign.com/.

My Roam Believer account has been claimed.