Loose USB c port on MacBook Pro 2017

I feel a bit lame, but I am posting this question on a bunch of related forums because I am still totally stuck:

Does anyone have any ideas about how I might jerry-rig my USB C cords or ports so that I can at least have a fighting chance of a semi-tight connection ( using velcro or something? ). Both ports are very loose and have been that way since I first bought the computer. At some point, I had an unrelated repair done at the Apple Store, and they replaced the flash storage ( or something ). In any case, the ports seemed to be replaced because the cords fit again. But, over time the same thing happened and the ports became loose again. Any ideas, no matter how untechnical, would be welcome…this problem is driving me crazy, especially for backups.

Haven’t used these, it seems like they might help.

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Your ports were replaced during the last repair because the Logic Board and SSD are one piece. Sounds like how the cables are connected/removed may be the cause of this issue since this has happened twice. Hoping you have AppleCare+ still and can get it fixed under warranty.

Nope, didn’t have the money at the time. Kind of stinks because this Mac has been a bit of a lemon.