Lost AirPods Case

I just lost my AirPods case. I had the AirPods in my ears and had put the case down on a table and then left.

I’m looking at the Apple Find app and I just see the AirPods, but not the location of the case.

Is there a way to see where the case is and someone notify the decent person locating them?

I should have Dymoed my name, number and address on that thing.

I hope Apple sells empty AirPods Cases, and mine was even the expensive wireless chargeable version :face_with_head_bandage:

ouch that’s tough :pensive:

Apple actually sells only the wireless case without the AirPods, as far as I can tell from the site

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Yeah I figured. But I hoped some other mindless yet smarter person on here had created some amazing way to locate then

Yeah too bad. Thankfully it’s only an Apple gadget so replacement won’t be that expensive :grimacing:

I’m so Dymoing that next case all over. Makes the case lose total street cred, but it sure is helpful

too bad you can’t get the case engraved =)

It seems you can engrave the case only if it have the AirPods in it


Well if I ever need to sell it on then the heavy dymo’ing seems better. Except I don’t like personal info on public items which that case obviously is with me as I now lost it

Yeah. And that engraving, I’ve never seen one, but I think it’s just pure icing right.

Few good-hearted lost and found samaritans will look that closely for a faint engraving

The case should be married to the AirPods. Without them its a brick. Or they should me married to your Apple ID. When stolen it should be useless. Then no one will ever steal them. I should patent this idea now :slight_smile:

If you open a support query with Apple they can sell you a replacement case of any kind (they can also sell replacement single AirPods).